We've started... but you can still get LIFETIME access to the recordings!
We've started... but you can still get LIFETIME access to the recordings!
Watch  "over my shoulder" as I pick a new market, do some marketing, get some buyer & seller leads… and launch a new REI business in 30 days.

I'm starting from scratch. And you get to join me!

Watch this video for how we'll do it:

Hey guys... I just did this challenge a couple months ago, and it was amazing! I went into a brand new market and generated a bunch of leads. In fact, we generated so many leads that my "boots on the ground" partner was overwhelmed!

So... I'm doing it again, in a brand-new market!
People ask me all the time, "If you're so smart, and you can make so much money doing deals, why are you only teaching this stuff and not doing what you teach?"

Well, #1... That's not even true. I still do deals - even in this market - even in this recession - even during the pandemic. But it doesn't really matter that I am doing deals... 

What really matters is this... Can this stuff that I teach (and do) really actually work FOR YOU, in this economy, anywhere in the USA?

What most people are really asking is this... "Will it work for me?"

So, I am doing another new market challenge. I am going into a completely new market (to me) & start all over... from scratch.

I am going into a new market... and I am giving myself 30 days to see what I can do to market, get leads, build some systems out, find a local investor to help work me the leads, talk to some sellers, and maybe even get a deal under contract.

I do this all the time in my own business... but I realized, I've never really documented the entire process - LIVE.

We've done the 1-day masterclasses and multi-day workshops... but 30 days? That's enough time to get some real traction going... and very likely get a deal done.

So... for 30 days I am going into a new market, and every single day I am documenting the process... and I'm inviting you along to do it with me!
What we will Be Doing:
  • I am going into a brand new market that I've never been in before.
  • ​I am going over the criteria for picking a good market to do deals in.
  • ​I will begin to market, primarily for sellers, and start generating leads.
  • ​I will find someone local to work my leads & be my boots on the ground.
  • ​I will be working with one of my VA's throughout the challenge. The benefit here is that I'll be teaching them... and by teaching them, during this challenge, you'll be able to have your VA go through this challenge on your behalf! Or, you do it now, and then hand it of to them when you're ready.
  • ​AND, I'm going to be teaching you every step of the way, so YOU can join me!
How We Will Be Doing It:
  • EVERY DAY FOR 30 DAYS, I am recording a short video... showing you what I'm doing, and telling you what you should be focusing on that day.
  • Once a week (for 4 weeks) I'll do a live Q&A call over Zoom so I can answer your questions about what I am doing, as well as help YOU when you need it for your own lead generation efforts. (Note: With the recordings, you will not be getting the live Q&A calls, BUT you will get access to the recordings!)
  • IMPORTANT: ​I'm only allowing myself to spend up to $1,000 in marketing... but I will be showing you tons of cheap (& free) marketing methods that you can use even if you don't have a marketing budget at all.
Want To Join Me? here are Your Requirements:
  • Internet access, a smart phone, and a computer. (We'll be focusing very heavily on digital methods of generating leads and managing the business.)
  • At least 60 minutes a day. (If you're not available every day for 30 days, that's okay. But now is not the time for that 2-week family vacation. You should expect to put in around an hour a day... more or less, depending on how bad you want it. OR... if you already have a VA on your team, they can go through this for you.)
  • Mental Fortitude (I know that's a big word... but you gotta be tough mentally. When you focus this hard on marketing, and talking to sellers, you're going to experience a mix of emotions... not to mention the haters, and the bad seller leads you'll inevitably call. You gotta get passed that and press forward.)
  • Commitment & Follow-Through (If you're not committed, please don't join us. Sure... you can just follow along as I do this, and you'll learn a ton... but I really want to see YOU experience success... even MORE than I do! And... that will only come if you commit to it... for the long haul.)
Here are the things YOU DO NOT NEED:
  • EXPERIENCE REQUIRED (I want to be clear... you do NOT need to have a ton of experience to join me. In fact, since I'll be "starting from scratch," you may even do better if you are new, or haven't done a deal yet.)
  • A LOT OF CASH ON HAND (I prefer doing deals with NONE of my own money... and focusing on marketing that is CHEAP or FREE. You can literally do all of this without putting any of your own money into it... and I'll be limiting myself to just a $1,000 marketing budget for this challenge, maybe less.)
  • COMPLETE BUSINESS SET UP (As I said, it's maybe better if you're not quite set up and running on all cylinders yet. Because, I'm going to be starting from the very beginning... but I will be going fast!)
Here's what past students thought of the challenge:
  • "Your chill demeanor makes for excellent teaching."
  • ​"This has been a great supplement to Joe's main course! This has provided daily actionable tasks, broken down into smaller, bite sized segments. This is the best $100.00 I've spent (Next to the Z Code and SLO, of course)"
  • ​"You are on fire! Thanks for your help."
  • "​I learned from every video in the challenge! Seems like everyday when those doubts start welling up inside, I see that day's video and it gives me the confidence to keep going. Thank you Joe!"
  • ​"I enjoy the content. Thanks for making this affordable."
  • ​"Joe is very encouraging and really wants students do deals and make money."
  • ​"I love seeing the progress and the pitfalls. This is reality."
  • ​"Hey Joe, thank you... this was great!"
  • ​"A resounding 10+ for the content and style of teaching where Joe in his humble manner shared very generously his immense knowledge. Everyday, as soon as I received Joe's notification about these classes, I stopped my other work and enjoyed the 'New Market Challenge' session."
  • ​"I love that the videos were short and well organized. Thank you so much for allowing us to keep the videos they are such a great resource."
Please understand... the results that I will get from this challenge are probably not typical, nor are those from my top performing students. Also... I am not guaranteeing any level of results within 30 days, for myself or anyone joining me. 

I have the benefit of having done real estate deals for over 10 years, teaching thousands of students, and running one of the highest-rated real estate investing podcasts.
The average person who buys any “how to” training on making money is likely to get little to no results. Most people who buy real estate investing courses never do anything with it and fail.

So your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.
All investing entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to take that risk, please DO NOT BUY ANYTHING I SELL OR JOIN THIS CHALLENGE!

Having said that... the skills I will be teaching you during this challenge you will never be able to UN-LEARN. And, as an investor, knowing how to go into a new market and start doing deals is invaluable. These skills cannot be taken from you; you'll have this knowledge forever.
How To Join Me:
The first email & video will be sent out on Monday, November 16th around 9am CST... and registration closes at midnight on the 16th.

Since this challenge has already started, you are mainly getting access to the recordings. Depending on when you sign up, you may be jumping in during the middle. Either way, I recommend you simply start with the 'day 1' video, and focus on one video each day for 30 days. That is how you will get consistent action!

The investment to join the challenge (or, in your case, get lifetime access to the recordings) is $100. That's it. A benjamin gets you in.

That is a crazy offer for the value that will be in this challenge, and you know it.

When I do this again, I'm highly likely to raise the price to at least $300, maybe more.

That price ends up being about $3 a day. 

That's not even a regular-sized frappé from Starbucks.

So... here's what I want you to do.

Click the button to fill out the form (that's step 1).

Once you're paid up, you'll be sent a confirmation email.

Then, you'll get access to our private student area where you will see all the daily recordings, as well as the Q&A call recordings, and links to all the resources mentioned throughout the challenge.

Sound good?

So... fill out the form below, and let's get started!

- Joe

P.S. If you follow along with me, and take action yourself... or even if you just catch the daily videos and implement things into your business... I have no doubt you'll realize there is way more than $100 worth of value in this course. But if for some reason you disagree... you can request a refund (within the first 30 days) - simply email my team.
Summary Of What's Included:
  • Brand new 30-Day "New Market" Challenge.
  • ​​Daily videos showing you what I'm doing, and showing you what you need to do.
  • ​Access to all the resources & templates that I'll be using along the way.
  • Recordings of 4 live Q&A calls, including audio & transcripts.
  • ​Member's area so you'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the videos & all resources.
  • ​TONS of value for around $3/day... just $100 one-time (that's it)!
And... just to prove I'm not some random guy... here are hundreds of real testimonials from real students of mine:
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